Static Mixers

Melt Blender SMB plus.

Static Mixers

Promix Melt Blender SMB plus – the new flow optimized mixer generation

Profound market experience and latest fluid dynamic simulation technology was the basis for the development of the new Promix Melt Blender SMB plus. The new flow optimized mixer design (patent pending) combines high mixing performance with lowest pressure drop. The strong structure gives maximum safety during operation. Excellent inline cleaning possibilities allow fast color changes. The open structure supports cleaning and inspection of the dismantled mixer. The mixer is normally installed directly before the die, after the screen changer and melt pump.

  • Outstanding mixing performance.
  • Minimal pressure drop.
  • Extremely equalization of temperature and velocity over the whole cross section.
  • Optimized surface quality of produced products.
  • Equal wall thickness of sheets and films.
  • Saving of additives and Masterbatch.
  • Excellent inline cleaning behaviour.
  • Very fast color change without dismantling of mixer.

The Promix Melt Blender SMB plus

The Promix Melt Blender SMB plus is available with 3, 5 or 7 mixing elements depending on the required mixing degree. The new mixer design combines excellent mixing performance with low pressure drop and high strength. Due to the flow optimized mixer geometry the SMB plus mixer can be efficiently cleaned inline. Therefore color changes can be done fast without dismantling the mixer. However if dismantling is required, the open mixer structure allows easy inspection and cleaning. The Promix melt blender SMB plus is suitable for many applications including the production of films, sheets, profiles, pipes, blown films, coatings and foams.

The support ring of the melt blender SMB plus allows easy assembling and dismantling. The mixer can be supplied as a complete solution including a high quality housing, heater band and thermocouple.

  • Static Mixer Promix Solutions: Working Principle .

Promix Melt Blender SMB-H

To allow a molder to maintain a high quality melt Promix Chemtech has developed the Promix Melt Blender SMB-H. The unique compact design enables the installation right in front of the extrusion die.

It generally contains four mixing elements. For more demanding mixing tasks a six element execution is available. Most of these mixers are stock items and can be delivered at a short notice.

  • Simple installation in existing systems.
  • Highly viscous polymers can be processed due to the high strength of the mixer.
  • Elimination of Flow lines.
  • Improved processing of regrind Short delivery time.

SMB-R Mixer

The Promix Melt Blender SMB-R is designed for use in extrusion systems. It is usually installed just before the die after the screen changer and gear pump. The patented design with its open and crossed flow channels has evolved through extensive R & D programs and the experience of our customers. Today, it is the standard product for various extrusion applications.

The Promix Melt Blender SMB-R generally consists of 4 to 6 mixing elements, which homogenize the polymer melt in a radial direction. The degree of mixing is increased by a factor of 5 to 12.

Most of these mixers are stock items and can be delivered at a short notice. Other sizes on request.

The Promix melt blender can be supplied as a complete assembly with housing, heating bands, thermocouples and is manufactured according to customer specification.

  • Consistent melt quality.
  • Temperature homogenization.
  • Viscosity homogenization.
  • Reduction of colorant.
  • Short pay back period.
  • Short delivery time.

Promix Mixing Head SMK-X & SMK-R

The SMK-X and R type mixing head is installed directly in the nozzle of the injection moulding machine. It generally contains four to six mixing elements which homogenize the melt during the injection phase. The degree of mixing of the system is increased by a factor of 5 to 12.

  • Excellent mixing
  • Eliminates Flow lines
  • Consistent melt quality
  • Eliminates Non uniform shrinkage and warpage
  • Eliminates color problems
  • Short pay back time
  • Reduction of color cost up to 20 %

Mix Tip – Mixer with nozzle

The Promix Mix Tip was developed to correct small homogeneity irregularities such as color streaks, poor regrind incorporations, and uneven temperature distribution in plastic melts. It was designed for injection molding machines up to 200 tons and is available for the most common machines with individual radii and orifices. The Mix Tip is easy to install by simply replacing the nozzle tip.

The Promix Mix Tip is Promix Chemtech’s latest offering in its line of custom mixing systems for the plastics processing industry. Promix injection blenders deliver advanced mixing performance including improved product quality, fewer rejects, extended operating range, and improved color distribution.

  • Injection molding (small machines)
  • Homogenization with regard to temperature and concentration
  • Compact, easy to install
  • Cost-effective

Payback Periods

In one of the well known multinational companies, the payback periods were measured for an good industrial run of 6 months.

  • Application: Pen Cap
  • Mixer Used: SMK-R 17/4.
  • Masterbatch Percentage without static Mixer: 4%
  • Masterbatch Percentage with Static Mixer: 3%
  • Saving in Colorant: 25%
  • Total Calculated Payback Period: 5 months

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