rPET, Metallized rPP is produced by Ecoblue. Ecoblue has developed unique capabilities to produce specialty PET and PP compounds from industrial packaging waste thereby extending its life cycle and reducing it impact on the environment.

The processes are similar to making virgin PET resin, giving Ecoblue products a much superior quality than other available recycled PET chips.

3D pure rPET for Filament, Film and Bottle

New breakthrough technology of Three Dimensional filtration ensure superior quality of 3D pure rPET which can be used to replace virgin PET in most applications. This range is Global Recycled Standard certified with 100% Post-Consumer recycled PET content and is produce with responsible social, environmental and chemical practices.

Made from high quality raw material through a customized process to ensure best quality and consistent performance makes it suitable for high end applications.


  • Film
  • Fiber
  • Strap & Monofilament
  • Bottle & Sheet
  • Caps/Housing/Panel