Rapid Inject

Rapid Inject

Rapid Inject (Grade: RI 600) is a 100% polypropylene, specially treated granule which, when added in small quantities to your raw materials, will save you time and money. The product is a best tool to enhance productivity factor of injection moulding process.


  • Faster cooling cycle in injection moulding process. Reduction in cooling time by 20-40%
  • Ultra-low dosage 0.6%-0.8%
  • Decrease in melt temperature, thus lowering the energy cost
  • Improvement in mold filling & mold release properties
  • No change in properties of moulded product
  • Compliance with various regulatory norms
  • Safe to use, ease of handling & availability

How it works

Rapid Inject is a reactor modified PP. It alters melting and cooling characteristics of polymer by adding nucleation sites for the crystallation during cooling process. This results in accelerated cooling of melt.


The product can be used in injection moulding process with PE & PP material. It can be used in different segments like the medical, packaging, automotive, cosmetics, household, etc.