Impact Modifiers for Rigid

Impact Modifiers for Rigid

Impact Modifiers for Rigid

Polymers are combined with plastics like styrenics, polyolefins, and engineering thermoplastics to enhance performance, particularly impact resistance, by strengthening these plastics at low temperatures. Depending on the specific application requirements, transparent or opaque solutions can be provided. These polymers aid in blending different plastics together to optimize the properties of each material, boosting the impact strength of materials, and improving processability to accommodate higher levels of fillers or reinforcements. 

Additionally, our impact modifiers for the PCR product line enable a comprehensive approach to the plastic product lifecycle and circular economy. Our solutions facilitate versatile compatibility between multiple resins and enhance performance across various applications, including post-consumer resin (PCR) and industrial plastic recycling streams, bioplastics, and flexible product design that integrates both virgin and recycled plastic materials.



• Enhanced Mechanical Properties 

• Improved Durability & Aesthetics Multi-Material Design Flexibility 

• Versatile End Use & Functionality 

• Increased Process Efficiency 

• Recyclable Design 

• Maximized PCR Content 

• Formulation Cost Efficiency 

• Lower CO2 and Plastic Waste Reduction


Suitable for 

1. Compatible with Polyolefin 

2. Low temp impact 

2. Plastic Recycling

3. Transparent Rigid