Germ Guard

Best Antimicrobial Additive Masterbatch

Germ Guard

Germ Guard Anti-Microbial Additive is a silver ion based antimicrobial powder composite which when incorporated inside products, inhibits and destroys the growth of deadly bacteria, fungus, molds etc.

Features of Germ Guard Anti-Microbial Plastics Additive Masterbatch

  • Inorganic in nature
  • Wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity
  • Highly Safe & Non-toxic
  • Destroys 99.99% of bacteria
  • Heat Stability upto 1300oC
  • Permanent antimicrobial activity
  • Highly compatible with diverse products
  • Non-corrosive

How does Germ Guard works?

GermGuardTM uses precious metal nanoparticles in its product to attack the microbes. The product prepared using Germ Guard TM technology gives permanent antimicrobial activity.

Metal nanoparticles when comes in contact with the bacteria penetrates the cell wall, punctures the protoplasm and hence destroys its metabolism.

Schematic diagram of Germ Guard TM Additive Masterbatch embedded in the article

Advantage of Germ Guard Additive Masterbatch

  • Protection against various germs like bacteria, molds, etc,
  • Reduced odour formation in textiles
  • Restrains the growth of molds in exterior & interior paints
  • Articles prepared using this helps in controlling the spread of germs

Diverse Application of Germ Guard

  • Ceramic Products: Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, sanitary ware, Cookeries, table wares
  • Plastic & Polymers: Toilet seat cover, chopping board, refrigerator, automobile dash boards, toys, telephone, bucket, switches, polymer floorings
  • Textiles products: Bedding, curtains, gowns, uniforms, towels, masks, socks, mattress cover, carpet
  • Paints: Interior & exterior water based paints, oil based paints, emulsion etc
  • Building materials: Tile grouts, adhesive, sealants, cement, concrete