Fluorine Free PPA

Fluorine Free PPA

Fluorine Free PPA

Standard PPA made from fluoroelastomers used for enhancing processability of various polymers, mostly used in PE and PP processing. Evonik TEGOMER additives based on organo-modified siloxane (OMS) technology is the best alternative to conventional additive technologies.

Organo-modified siloxanes delivered on a polymer carrier to be used directly on the converting line

Dosage: 0.5 – 2.0% as PPA



2-in-1 approach: PPA + permanent slip enhancer, e.g. in films

• Replacement of fluoroelastomer MB

• Suitable for transparent and matt films

• Excellent “shark skin” prevention in blown, cast and BOPP films

• Die built-up prevention, even in highly-filled CaCO3 films

• Significant reduction of the coefficient of friction (COF) and strong permanent slip enhancement

• High throughput

• No settling on metal parts, therefore a shorter start and run-up phase which results in reduction of production waste

• Allows fast color/recipe changes

• No VOC, no migration and no corrosive degradation products