Electrically Conductive Plastics, Compounds


Electrically Conductive Plastics, Compounds

Premix OY Finland is world leaders in electrically conductive plastics and dissipative range of compounded polymer.

These polymers find application in

  • Extruded sheets & profiles for corrugated sheets, boxes & trays for assembly & packaging of electronic products.
  • Blown films for packing of electrical sensitive chips, circuit boards, sensors.
  • Injection molded products such as trays & bins for electric & electrical industry, nozzle boots for fuel dispensing pumps, outer covers & panel for electronic equipments.
  • Blow molded tubes for fuel pipes in auto mobiles.
  • Conductive bags & liners for packaging of hazardous & explosive chemicals.
  • Cable, Flex tubes, Hoses, Profiles, Film, Fibre, Sheet and FIBC Applications. 

Electrically Conductive Compounds provide excellent solution to problems where Electro Static Discharge (ESD) & Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI) shielding is of prime importance. These compounds are available in wide range of thermo plastics & engineering plastics. Based on conductivity requirement in various products these conductive compounds are available in two ranges.

  • Conductive range having surface & volume resistivity < 105 ohms
  • Dissipative range having surface & volume resistivity < 109 ohms

The resistance spectrum below assists you in choosing the right product group.

Some of the advantages of using electrically conductive concentrates/compounds are as follows:

  • Greater design flexibility as compared to metals.
  • Elimination of secondary process like electro plating necessary for non conductive plastic compounds so as to provide EMI shielding.
  • Lesser wastage.
  • Approval to European standards.