Electrically Conductive Plastics, Compounds

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Electrically Conductive Plastics, Compounds

Conductive plastics are engineered materials that are filled with conductive additives to attain a specific level of conductivity. Traditionally, this is accomplished through the use of carbon fillers, such as carbon black, graphite, and other conductive elements. Unmodified plastics are generally electrically insulating. Depending on the required degree of conductivity, whether they be anti static, static dissipative, ESD protective or conductive, Flamingo has a wide range of products to fulfil all your needs.


These specially engineered polymers find their applications in :

· Pipette Tips:

Electrically conductive pipette tips enable capacitive liquid level detection, which is the predominant technology in today’s automated liquid handling systems.
Electrically conductive pipette tips have various advantages:​

- Low surface tension​
- High hydrophobicity​
- Enables capacitive liquid level sensing​
- Eliminates the effect of static electricity​

These features minimize the risk of cross-contamination and reagent carryover and secure the most precise and accurate pipetting. Conductive pipette tips are essential in confirming reliable diagnostics in all circumstances.

· Tubes, Hoses and Profiles:

Conductive Flexible Tubes are generally used in the applications such as Fuel Pipe.

Conductive hoses are industrial hoses that can be connected safely to equipment used in explosive environments (ATEX / IECEX applications).

Profiles made of our compounds provide various compression properties for sealings. They resist permanent deformation and, as a result, are suitable for, for example, pressure detection.


· Electrically conductive Films and Filaments:

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), or big bags, can be made safer by adding electrically conductive plastic films and filaments to their design. These conductive FIBCs, or FIBC type C bags, are made from non-conductive fabrics interwoven with conducting threads. They can be used to transport flammable powders and in spaces where flammable vapors, gases, or combustible specks of dust are present. The conductive inner lining increases the safety of these products.

· Conductive Conveyor Belts:

We have also compounds suitable for conductive conveyor belts, which improve safety when the belts transfer explosive materials, such as coal dust.

· Wearables and Accessories :

Our material solutions, especially TPU grades, are designed for supporting the growth of wearable technology, as our materials are ideal for skin contact. Our TPU compounds are highly conductive, flexible, and durable

· Conductive Sheets, ESD mats and EPA furniture elements :

 In electronics packaging, conductive plastics protect the sensitive components from uncontrolled static discharges.

Polypropylene corrugated boards can be cut and folded into different transportation boxes and containers for electronics. They are an excellent replacement for corrugated cartons. Polypropylene corrugated boards do not emit dust, do not absorb moisture and have excellent impact resistance.

In ESD Protected zones*, conductive sheets can be used in furniture elements and accessories, such as table covers, mats, and edges. They create ESD protection for sensitive electronics that enables a longer operation time for electronic devices.  


· Other applications are :

Conductive Boxes and ESD Pallets, Cans and Bins, PP/PE pipes, Foams, Fuel System etc.