EVA Waxes


The First Choice for High-Quality specialty PE Waxes, EVA Waxes, PP Wax &, MA Grafted PE Wax is manufactured by Innospec Leuna Germany at its state-of-the-art high-pressure polymerization and wax oxidation plants in Leuna, Germany. 




• High pressure-Polymerisation (radical polymerization)       

• High pressures (< 2500 bar) and temperatures (> 200°C)

• Polar Co-Monomers (e.g. Vinyl-Acetate) available

• PE-Waxes with different degrees of branching and crystallinity




• Capacity: 30.000 mt

• Polymerization: CH2=CH2 gas based 

• Employees: ~ 110

• ISO 9001:2008(Quality)

• ISO 14001:2009(Environmental)

• OHSAS 18001:2007      (Health &Safety)

• EN 16001:2009(Energy)

• Made by direct polymerization

• Solvent-free mass polymerization

• Targeted production clearly defined specifications

• No catalyst residuals

• High thermostability

• Made in Germany


The following wax categories are produced:

• Polyethylene waxes (PE-waxes non oxidised) 

• Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer waxes (EVA-waxes non oxidised)

• Oxidized PE-waxes

• Oxidized EVA-waxes

• Polar modified PE-Waxes (Maleic anhydride grafted PE-wax)

• Ethylene-α-Olefin-Wax

• Polypropylene waxes


VISCOWAX Key Applications:

• Plastic processing: lubricant for PVC and other plastics, nucleating agent

• Masterbatches: Dispersion and increase colour yield in Colour Masterbatch and decrease in FPV in colour and black Masterbatch

• Coatings: printing inks, paints, lacquers, varnishes, paper coating, powder coating, corrosion protection

• Compounds: candles, TP Road marking, hotmelts, insulating & cable compounds

• Emulsions: textile auxiliaries, leather processing, fruit coating

• Care Products:  floor polish, shoe polish, car polish, furniture polish

• Release agents: plastics industry, aluminium die cast

• Construction: Bitumen and asphalt



Waxes from the broad VISCOWAX® portfolio are commonly used as additives in a wide range of applications to produce very different effects, mainly to improve processability and product properties. The requirements for the properties of the waxes are different depending on which function they perform in the final product.

Genesis Nutech LLP (Sister concern of Flamingo Additives & Colourants LLP) being the exclusive distributors of Innospec Leuna, Germany for India is supplying Viscowax from its Mumbai warehouse.

It is available in 25 kg PE bag packing.