About Us


Delivering High Quality Material Solutions & Cost-effective Specialty Compounds to the Polymer Industry

More than 30 years, Flamingo Additives & Colourants LLP has carved a niche for itself through Service, Innovation & Technology and is trusted in the Industry for reliable service & high quality material solutions.

Having partnered with the leading Principals in the Polymer industry, our core competence is in providing the most appropriate and custom options for every requirement of Colour and Additive Masterbatches. We offer all major types of masterbatches such as White Masterbatch, Black Masterbatch, Engineering Polymer Masterbatch, and Special Effect Masterbatch. Moreover, the company offers Stretch Cling Film Masterbatch, FR, PPA, Antistatic, Electrically Conductive Compounds & concentrates, Additives for PCR, Anti-Microbial (Germ Guard), and High-Quality Silver Metallic Recycled PP Compound, PCR & USFDA rPET, also processing auxiliaries Static Mixers, foaming systems, Shut-off Nozzles.

At Flamingo we take pride in not only the technical expertise and solutions in the Polymer Industry but in the service given to our clients.

A Leader in Delivering Quality Additive & Colour Masterbatches

Our products help in enhancing the aesthetics of the client's products as well as brand value. By our light-weighting technology, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through technology by reducing Carbon Footprint. Our Static Mixers and Shut off Nozzles improve the efficiencies of the Client's processes while delivering cost reductions.

We have excellent networking with industry professionals, associations, and partners to add value to the business of our client by serving dedicated plastic processing solutions. We are representing the most trusted brands in the world all over India. We have served 500+ delighted customers.



We will engage with our employees, customers and partners with highest sincerity, integrity and transparency.


To serve our customers as trusted advisors providing diversified polymer solutions across the Plastics & Processing Industry and grow along with them.



To be the most technically advanced polymer solutions provider through a continuous focus on cost-effectiveness and innovation to provide just-in-time quality services to our customers.



To be the leading 360° polymer solution provider for our customers in the plastics processing industry through quality service and innovative technology.




Our Work Culture

The ‘Flamingo Way of work’ stands strong on the 4 pillars which defines our work culture:


Business Principals

Our partnership with our Principals will always be open and transparent. We will:

Deliver their best in class products & solutions to our customers ~ Develop long-term relationships with them as business partners of choice ~ Ensure a competitive advantage for the businesses we represent.



Happy & satisfied customers will always be our future and we will be judged by how we:

Surpass our customers’ expectations & needs ~ Earn the trust & loyalty of our customers through honesty, courtesy & transparency ~ Strive to maintain the highest standards in quality of products, timely delivery and customer care ~ Anticipate and respond to customer needs.



Everyone in Flamingo is a leader. Leaders at Flamingo set high standards for themselves by:

Sharing knowledge and ideas openly ~ Treating everyone equally with fairness and integrity ~ Motivating and inspiring to get the best results ~ Embracing and adapting to change ~ Empowering people to take responsibility



Flamingo is a team and our team is judged by how well we work with each other. We will:

Practice open and clear communication ~ Help one another to deliver benefits for the whole company ~ Show respect for each other and take pride in our achievements ~ Treat mistakes as an opportunity to learn, not to blame ~ Create a stimulating environment where people are proud to work.

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